Master in
Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Who’s it for

The Master course is for who wants to develop managing skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, with a keen eye on the management of innovation and digital transformation processes. The Master course is for students and professionals with different backgrounds: economy/management, engineering, biotechnology, philosphy, humanities studies etc.

The professionist profile achieved with the master course is:
Digital innovation manager

The Digital Innovation Manager is a professional able to plan, control and manage the different resources needed to develop innovation and to implement digital technologies. Since this professional profile has cross skills, job options can be such as: IT Managers, Consultants for innovation and digital technology projects, Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Technology Officer, Digital Marketing Specialist, Product Manager, Business Development Manager, and other roles in Corporate Management.

The purpose of the Master course is to shape cross skills for the organization and the management of innovation processes, specifically targeted for new business models emerging from the current digital transformation. Defining tract is the will to promote an advanced digital culture, surpassing the distinction between ‘technology’ and ‘humanities’, and also aiming at the challenges coming from digital scenarios, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.

The Master’s goals

Obiettivi master condividere

Acquire knowledge about innovation and digital technologies

Obiettivi master comprendere

Understand and manage the changes and the challenges for companies within the smart industry and the digital economy

Obiettivi master interazione

Develop a highly interactive community for students, professors and partners

Obiettivi master skills

Promote the skills and the operation tools needed to manage innovation and new digital technologies

Obiettivi master strumenti

Build soft and hard skills to structure, organize and control innovation and digital transformation processes

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